Best Blogging Platforms

Blogging Platforms

Are you looking to start your own blog!! But couldn’t be able to figure out how to choose the platform? It’s actually tough to choose.

As there are several different blogging platforms out there. How do you find out which one is right for you? We’ll help you to choose the best blogging platform.

In this blog, we are comparing blogging platforms.

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform?

As a beginner, you want a blogging platform that’s easy to set up. And, it doesn’t require any coding skills.

You will also need to think about what kind of blog you want to create. As your blog grows, you may want to change the look of your website also.

So, it should be flexible to adopt new features to enhance your site’s view in the future.

  1. WordPress

    blogging platforms
    blogging platforms

WordPress is open-source software, WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. This allows you to build your website or blog according to you.

It is a self-hosted blogging site. This means you will need to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider. WordPress gives you control over every aspect of your website.

You can grow your blog and add extra features to it.

Examples, like forums, online stores, and membership options, etc. There are thousands of free as well as premium themes available for WordPress.

This allows you to create a beautiful website. You also get access to more than 45,000 free plug-ins. These plug-ins are like apps for your WordPress blog, allowing you to add all kinds of new features.

WordPress is search engine friendly. Managing your own website comes with a bit of a learning curve. You will have to manage your own backups and security.

WordPress software is free, but you’ll need to buy a domain name and hosting.

  1. WixBest Blogging Platforms

Wix is a hosted platform to build websites for businesses. The basic Wix website builder is free. You can add a custom domain by paying some amount of money.

It has an easy way for small businesses to build a website Wix has features using drag and drop tools. You can also add a blog to your website by adding the Wix Blog app and can start blogging.

You can customize your site using templates and third-party apps. Build your site with easy drag and drop tools, no coding skills required. Setup is quick and easy.

The free account is limited and shows Wix branding and ads on your site.

Free third-party apps are limited and once you choose a template you cannot change it. E-commerce features are limited to paid plans.

  1. BloggerBest Blogging Platforms

Blogger is a blogging platform, provides free hosting service, Blogger is acquired by Google in 2003, Blogger offers a quick and easy way to create a blog, Has easy set up for non-technical-savvy users, Blogger is free.

It’s easy to use and manage. For managing, blogger one doesn’t require any technical skills. Blogger has a service advantage of Google’s robust secure platform. It also provides reliability.

You cannot add new features as your blog grows. Design options are limited. Limited numbers of the template are available.

Third-party templates are often of low quality for bloggers. Blogger does not receive frequent updates or new features.

Google can suspend your blog at any time. Google can cancel the Blogger service altogether.

They have a history of abandoning projects without warning. Eventually, users end up switching from Blogger to WordPress to get more features and control over their website.

  1. TumblrBest Blogging Platforms

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform, Tumblr is free and very easy to use, Tumblr has the feature of social media networking, Tumblr is a bit different than other blogging platforms.

It has features including following other blogs, re-blogging, built-in sharing tools, and more. It has an integrated social media component.

As a micro-blogging tool, Tumblr makes it easy to quickly blog videos, GIFs, images, and audio formats.

Tumblr comes with a limited set of features. You cannot extend these features as your blog grows. Many themes are available for Tumblr. But they can’t offer additional features provided by WordPress.

Creating back up your Tumblr blog is difficult, Tumblr is free to use,  But, importing your blog to other platform is an again difficult task. You can use a custom domain that would be purchased separately for your Tumblr blog.

Third-party themes are also available there and apps available to purchase.

  1. MediumBest Blogging Platforms

Medium is a blogging platform with easy-to-use features, It has limited social media networking features, The medium was launched in 2012 and has featured in a community of blogging and others.

The medium also has grown communities of writers as well as journalists and experts. Medium is easy to use, with no setup required.

No coding skills needed to use the medium. Medium permits you to reach an existing online group or community of people of similar interests.

In Medium, there is no need for focusing on the design of the website. You can focus solely on writing. Limited features are available in the case of designing.

Medium owns your audience, so losing your blog means losing all your followers.

You are permitted to run your own ads to make money. Medium is free to use. It has a very attractive platform. But, the lack of monetization and control leads to most people switching from Medium to WordPress.

  1. SquarespaceBest Blogging Platforms

Squarespace provides easy website building service, This allows you to create a beautiful website with easy-to-use features, Squarespace has the feature of easy drag and drop tools.

It has more focus on small business owners. Especially, for those who are looking for an easy way to create an online presence.

Squarespace is simple and easy to use for beginners and no coding skills are required. It has awesome professionally designed templates. It separately offers domain name with SSL/HTTPs and e-Commerce store.

Squarespace has limited features built into its platform. It has different plans regarding the pages and contributors to the blog.

Users end up switching from Squarespace to another blogging platform. To minimize their expenses and add more features they had to import to another platform.

  1. JoomlaBest Blogging Platforms

Joomla is open source software for blogging, It has an extremely powerful content management system, just like WordPress, Joomla is very flexible to use, Joomla can be used to build any kind of website or blog.

It has a self-hosted solution. For this, you will need a domain name and web hosting to use, Joomla has hundreds of template for designing.

You can choose from these templates to customize your site’s design. More features could be added using available extensions. Joomla has a smaller community than WordPress.

A limited number of themes and add-ons are available. Paid support is costly. You will have to take responsibility for managing your backups.

Updates and security should be managed properly. Joomla is free but you will need a domain and hosting to use it.

8.GhostBest Blogging Platforms

Ghost is one of the blogging software platforms, Ghost has limited features, It focuses on writing blog posts, Ghost is software written in JavaScript, so it’s super fast.

It is available as a hosted platform, No setup required for the hosted version. This is a software that you can install and host yourself.

Ghost has more Focus on blogging and writing, Ghost is having a clean, clutter-free, and intuitive user interface, Ghost is not easy to customize with apps.

The simplified user interface means options are very limited. The ghost doesn’t have enough themes to change the design of your site.

The ghost is actually a complicated setup to install it by you. The self-hosted version of Ghost needs a custom domain and hosting to buy.

  1. WeeblyBest Blogging Platforms

Weebly is easy-to-use website builder, Weebly has a quick and easy setup, Weebly has dozens of ready-to-use themes.

You can customize your website using their web-based interface. Weebly is a hosted platform. This allows you to build your website using drag and drop tools.

Easy-to-use drag and drop tools for website building and no technical skills required. Weebly will host your site for you.

Weebly has free plans and allows you to try the service provider before buying.

It has limited built-in features, and you cannot add new features. The third-party has limited integration with this platform.

It is difficult to export your site from Weebly to another platform.

Among all these platforms, we believe that WordPress outperforms. It is powerful, easy to use, affordable, more flexible of all available blogging platforms.

I guess you have all the reasons why you should use WordPress.

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