Create a book review website | step by step Guide

Are you a voracious reader who is passionate to read books and when given a chance can give up one’s full-time job just to keep reading till the earth comes to an end?

You are an avid book lover who would like to share your passion with the world, your thoughts about the books that you read, and can also earn hefty money alongside.

Then you can definitely start a book review website where you can provide your feedback to the buyers which will become feasible for you to grow your reading community and share your likemindedness with other book lovers.

How to create a book review website?

What is a book review website?

A book review website is a website where avid book lovers can publish their reviews on various books they read so that other book readers can get an idea which books are recommendable to read.

Suitable for:

People who are passionate to read books of a particular genre or of different genres.

Skills required:

1. One must be a passionate reader who has in-depth knowledge of whatever they read so that they can provide genuine reviews of the books that they read.

2. One must be able to describe the minute details which caught their mind while reading the book, areas where the writer could have written better or where the reader found it slogging.

3. Create a website in just 20 minutes.

The Time required to start a book review:

Creating a book review website is not a big deal at all. You can create in a snap within minutes or an hour. But what matters is how genuine a book reader you are.

If you have been a passionate reader since childhood with a huge number of books in your ticked list, then writing reviews won’t be much challenging.

 On the other hand, if you have just started reading books, it might be a little challenging but it won’t be an impossible task. If you can articulate your writing skills then even a novice can write good book reviews.

How to monetize:

Writing book reviews can also fetch you a lump-sum amount and there are quite a few ways through which you can earn.

You can earn money by becoming an Amazon affiliate and promote books on your website using the Amazon affiliate links.

You can convince people to buy books through the affiliate links and that’s how you can earn a decent commission.

Earning commission also depends upon web traffic. The more traffic you can pull to your website, the more clicks you get on your affiliate links which can help you in earning more money.

So, if you are are a passionate reader who is also keen for a passive mode of income, then writing book reviews can definitely help you in catching up with your interest.

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