How to become a virtual call center jobs/ employee

Are you looking for a great way of earning money online just by sitting at home? You probably like to converse with people and can easily take up a job and earn a few extra cash without a need to quit your full-time job or you probably maybe a homemaker who has a desire to earn money sitting at home. 

Then, you are definitely on the correct page. You can become a virtual call center employee and earn a good amount of money by just sitting at home.
What is a virtual call center jobs?A virtual call center is a call center in which the organization’s agents are scattered everywhere geographically rather than constructing workstations in a particular building, operated by the company.

Mostly, the virtual center employees work from home itself but agents may also be situated in groups in small centers.

The only arrangement that you need for yourself is to have a phone a Computer/laptop and proper internet connection.

When a customer makes a call at the organization’s main office for an inquiry, regarding complaints of any product or regarding any orders, then the virtual call centers route the incoming calls to the virtual call center employee’s phone.

The agents also receive script which instructs them the way of answering their customers, so that they respond to there customers efficiently without any obstacle.

Becoming a Virtual call center employee is definitely an attractive way to earn money, as the employees have complete leeway in terms of flexibility in working hours, with no hassle of following standard dress code or commute.

Suitable for:

Anyone who loves communicating and interacting with people and has good communication skills.

Skills required:

1. Anyone who can efficiently and fluently converse in the required language whether it be English, Hindi, French, or any other language.

2. One must have Excellent customer care skills and of course effective communication skills.

3. One must also have in-depth knowledge of various products, the inner working of the organization, and their services. This will instill more confidence in the agents and they will be able to perform better in their job in answering the customers.

4. One must be able to adapt to any situation no matter what comes may because telephonic conversations occur in real-time, so adapting oneself as per the situation requires great adaptability skills.

5. One must be patient enough to be able to address the grievances and concerns of customers.

Virtual Call Centre home office requirements:

1. An extensively quiet, noiseless workplace at home without any distraction so that employees can effectively work online.

2. A desktop PC with a Windows operating system (preferably Windows version 7,8 and 10)

3. If a phone line is used, then a corded telephone is required.

4. A dedicated landline telephone service totally separate from home is required so that there can be no distraction of call waiting and voicemail.

5. A corded telephone headset compatible with corded telephone also comprising a noise-canceling microphone.

6. A computer with a good broadband internet connection is required.

7. A few companies also provide a specific email account to the agents.

8. Skype or any other teleconferencing service is an occasional requirement.

How to get started:

You can become a virtual center employee by enrolling yourself on the following list of websites:



Apply in by signing up, create your profile take assessments which require approx 30 minutes.

If you pass the assessment, you can then choose different program opportunities and then give a kickstart to your job.

Expected income:

You can expect easy pay between 7$ to 15$ USD per hour. If you make sales, you can also earn commissions.

The company will either offer a direct deposit in your bank account or can probably send checks via mail.

Isn’t it a great way of earning money passively?

If you ain’t able to bear all of your expenses with your current job or if you are just sitting at home doing nothing, then this is definitely a decent way of earning money.

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