How to Make Money Online in India Without Selling 100% Easy way

You are perhaps an outstanding blogger with a great blogging site, hooking up the monetizes with amazing content.

But you want to detect a path to monetize your blog so that you can slip in a few currencies at the same time.

There are many ways to Make Money Online but amazon Is the simplest way to make money online.

How To Make Money Online Without Selling On Amazon?

Well, how do you do that?

In the era of e-commerce mushrooming worldwide, you can never run out of choices to earn money online and one such incredible method to earn Money Online Without Selling on Amazon is by becoming an Amazon Associate.

How to Make Money Online in India Without Selling 100% Easy way

What is the Amazon Associate Program?

Amazon Associate Program or Amazon Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program that enables bloggers and website owners to sell products from Amazon through their blogs and websites.

The bloggers and website owners who are Amazon associates can promote products from Amazon by creating links on their blogs/websites.

When customers click those links and purchase the products, they can earn up to 10 percent referral fees and this is the answer to How to Make Money Online in India?

Suitable for:

1. People who already have their own blogs or website can easily make money online by monetizing through this program.

Skill required:

1. You need to understand your niche, the purpose of your blog/website/app, and write blogs accordingly.

You should be able to target your audience and drive more web traffic to your blog/website and for that to happen, the content of your blog/website should be very specific.

For example, if you are a gadget-savvy person and you have a blog related to gadgets, then you can definitely promote various kinds of gadgets from Amazon, share the links for the customers buy the prod to buy the products.

2. You should be competent enough to be able to convince customers to read your blog and then decide to purchase products. That will, of course, happen if your blog content is persuasive enough.

So, you need to have excellent writing skills to attract more web traffic.

Steps required for becoming an Amazon associate:

1. Design your own blog/website: The first and foremost step to becoming an Amazon associate is to create your own blog or website or app or a youtube channel, with the help of which you can attract the audience and rush in more web traffic.

2. Sign up for the Amazon Associate Program:  Sign up on the Amazon Associate Program and provide your blog/website’s name and the required details and start to make money online Without Selling on Amazon.

3. Construct your profile: Put up your profile by sharing the blogs/ websites you want your profile to connect to( through Amazon affiliate links).

Also, describe your blog/website in detail to sustain the maximum probability of your profile being accepted as an Amazon associate. Also, read very carefully the contract terms and conditions and then proceed.

4. Amazon approval: Amazon will scrutinize your blog/website and if they find it perfect according to the standards, they will approve your profile and you have a chance to make money Online Without Selling on Amazon.

This entire approval process nearly takes about  2 to 5 business days. Once your profile has been approved, list out the relevant products which you want to promote on your blog/website. Add the affiliate links into your blog/website.


1. Search for relevant products: Find products relevant to your blog/ website content. You should be able to describe the purpose of your blog/website to capture more audience and web traffic.

2. Attach affiliate links inside content: In the Amazon Associate program page, you can browse through suitable products of your choice and get the links.

You can then attach the links inside your well-described blog. If your audience is impressed with your blog content with some catchy lines, it is very likely of them to click the link and catch a glimpse of the products.

3. Link product images to Amazon: Visual displays have always been a treat to our eyes and images also play an important role in attracting the audience to your blog/website.

Use good quality images of products and turn them into affiliate links so that users can indirectly click on the affiliate link.

4. Send people to Amazon: You can make your visitors visit Amazon clicking the links and convert them from visitors to buyers. You do not have to chase your visitors by targeting them with advertisements as Amazon will handle its visitors.

Your job is to redirect them to by clicking on the affiliate link.

The most fascinating part is as soon as a visitor visits through your link, you will get a certain percentage of their purchase irrespective of the products which you have promoted for the next 24 hours.

For example, if a person clicks on the affiliate link for “Yoga mat” and visits Amazon and end up buying two wristwatches and not yoga mat pithing the next 24 hours, you definitely will earn a commission for the wristwatch even if you haven’t promoted it directly.

5. Write product reviews on your blog: An efficient review of a product can definitely play it’d game in the mind of visitors and compel them to buy the product.

Of course, reviews must be genuine and impartial, not letting the visitors feel that you are desperate enough to make them buy, Cover all the specifications, pros and cons of buying the product and it will make the job of the customer easy.

6. Strengthen your bond with your readers: Build a healthy relationship with your readers so that they can connect with you through your write-ups. This indirectly plays an important role in the increase in sales.

Your genuine product reviews and recommendations can win the hearts of your customers which can boost up your business.

How to Monetize:

It is precise and simple to earn money through this method. The more people visit Amazon clicking your affiliate links and buy products, the more money you earn.

Remember, the better your content is, the number of visitors will be more.

Make sure you have a distinctive angle on the topics you choose to the writ, No one can stop you from earning a good amount of money.

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