How To Make a chatbot Application & Creating Money Step-by-Step

How to make a chatbot?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that is used to communicate with humans naturally (text or voice).
Its mobile applications, different websites, and other messaging applications.

Undoubtedly, a chatbot is an extremely successful medium of interaction between humans and machines.
Instead of involving a customer support operator to converse with the users personally, a chatbot (virtual assistant) can easily enact. 
The way a customer support operator interacts with customers to resolve their queries, issues, and frequently asked questions.
For example, Uber users use messaging apps to engage with customers proactively.
Users can directly book an Uber ride using Facebook Messenger by conversing with Uber chatbot.
and now the question is how to make a chatbot?
how to make a chatbot
How to Make a Chatbot

Why are chatbots the future of marketing?

In this era of automation, chatbots definitely play a pivotal role in enhancing the future of marketing. With rising technology, the prospect of AI is also rising in leaps and bounds.

Marketing on messaging apps has a promising future because of its efficiency. Businesses that use messaging apps for marketing have 70% open rates and over 20 % link clicking rates.

Which is remarkably higher than any other digital marketing medium.

We install numerous apps on our phones but do we even use all the apps? With chatbots surfacing on the internet and texting is the most used mode of communication, messaging apps can be targeted to reach more audiences.

According to researches, messaging apps have overtaken social networks. Messaging apps have more users than social networks. Also, Facebook Messenger has 1.2 million active users worldwide which are spectacular indeed.

Chatbots can be effectively used to save time and increase productivity by automating tasks that are to be done at the right time such as accepting payments, bring out query results, create quotes, etc.

How are some early adopters using chatbots to grow their business?

Chatbots are much smarter than people can even think of.

As today’s generation is more involved in chat apps than social media, different brands can leverage chatbots and engage people through Facebook messenger.

This enables the messaging app to nourish and connect customers.

In fact, as per research conducted, the Facebook Messenger app consists of the largest active user base out of all the other mobile applications and also has the largest engagement rate in marketing.

Chatbots can also be used as leads to follow up a customer or introduce a customer to a specific product and convince to purchase. If the lead strikes a chord, then it can be converted into a healthy business opportunity.

You just need to click to subscribe to the Facebook messenger without entering your email id. Below is the screenshot of the messenger subscription form.

How can you earn money from making a Chatbots?

With the rise of artificial intelligence, Chatbots have already started replacing mobile applications and are in great demand.

And lead generation, being the top-notch strategy to initiate customer interest, there is definitely a high possibility for a huge demand of chatbot developers.

There are various ways to make money online but a chatbot is one of them.

Now if you are already a prolific developer and. Have in-depth knowledge regarding the technology used to build chatbots, you can easily charge between 500$ to 6000$ to build a single chatbot and can also charge a monthly maintenance fee.

If you have zero coding experience, don’t get panic-stricken. There are numerous platforms where you can build your own chatbot without any coding experience.

Depending on the kind of bot you desire, you can avail of the respective chatbot builder. Do you want your bot for lead generation or customer engagement?

Do you want to build a bot related to healthcare for  both patients and doctors?)

In this age of digitalization, it is not at all a difficult task to monetize chatbots through e-commerce, affiliate marketing, advertisement, leads generation.

This kind of business is expanding day by day and people are also thriving to be a part of this business.

How to get starts?

How to make a chatbot?

You can visit the website and register your email Id to get free training sessions on how to make a chatbot in that software required to create a chatbot within half an hour without any programming skills.

How to make a Chatbot
How to Make a Chatbot

You will find all the relevant information regarding the building of bots, obtaining clients, pricing strategy, so on and so forth.

Remember you just need to have basic knowledge of chatbot workflow. This way you can strike the jackpot and build a successful way to earn money in a short time.

you can also make a chatbot in a python programming language but it takes more time to learn and implement a code but you can do so.

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