4 Easy Ways to turn publish ebook Into Success on Amazon Kindle

In this age of digitization mushrooming in almost every nook and corner of the world, publishing books has become easier furthermore.

You do not have to approach traditional book publications to print your books and publish book.
You can just sit at home and publish your eBooks without any boundaries set by publisher or editor It has, in fact, become an easy job for readers as well.

They can directly purchase e-books online and download it into their device without any necessity of purchasing books from stores or wait for the delivery of books to their address.

For a writer, publish e-books on amazon kindle has become an easier job of earning money as a passive income.

One of the fascinating facts is that Amazon.com gives a tight competition to Google and other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.

Shoppers all over the world search for products on Amazon than other search engines and when they are in a hunt for rigorous information for a specific topic, they try to look for an e-book on Amazon instead of searching for blog posts on Google or other search engines.

Just as they say books are in the DNA of Amazon and have the motive to offer the world the biggest selection of books.

Amazon is also successfully fulfilling the dreams of various authors worldwide by launching the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP) where KDP offers the easiest and the fastest way to self- publish e-books and paperbacks too.

Suitable for:

1. People who have excellent writing skills with an ability to reach the audience at a faster pace.

2. People who have a deep understanding of topics on which they want to write have done more than ample research with full confidence to be able to make readers understand through their writing.

3. Generally, writers who write novels are more inclined towards selling paperbacks than e-books. So, people who want to write some unique content with the aim to provide deep insight into the audience and resolve their conflicts can opt e-books as a medium to reach out to them.

Skills required:

1. One must definitely have prolific writing skills to be able to write and self-publish ebook.

2. One must have the ability to connect to the reader’s mind and provide them with adequate solutions to their doubts and conflicts through writing.

3. You need to have a good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make your e-book available in e-book stores.

4. You also require to have a good social media presence to publicize your e-book so that the audience gets to know about you and your recent launch.

Duration required to publish ebooks:

It totally depends on the writer, his writing skills, and also many factors associated beside.

An e-book can be published in a few weeks or a few months depending upon the research, the editing, the length of the book, the topic, and writing speed.

Every detail must be taken care of carefully. 


1. Write a book that is totally worth buying: If you are not pro in writing skills, then it can be a daunting task for you to write an e-book and publish it.

Choose topics that you are passionate about, with a very interesting title and a subtitle.

Swoon the audience with your e-book and make them feel that every penny which they have invested in purchasing your book is totally worth it.

2. Research: Doing comprehensive research plays a pivotal role in publishing a successful Kindle eBook product.

You need to make a thorough research on the reader’s expectations from your chosen eBook topic.

Suppose if you are opting to write an eBook on ‘Yoga to lose weight’, do ample research on the prospects of a number of people looking for various yoga exercises to lose weight on the internet and also their expectations from your book.

You have drill into their minds to bring the best in your eBook and you can easily do it by conducting research on reviews, comments, and anecdotes of the books of your fellow competitors on Amazon.

3. Write for one reader: If you are very much aware of your reader, then you will definitely know how much information your reader already possesses.

Don’t bore your reader with redundant information which can bring a negative impact on your book. Provide accurate and precise information that your reader is looking for.

4. Quora, Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers are the best platforms to check what kind of questions readers are framing in their minds on the topic that you have chosen to write.

If more readers are participating in the topic, it’s definitely a good sign for you and your book.’

5. Decipher the market gaps in your selected domain and check if your eBook can cater to the demands of readers.

6. Check the availability of the number of books of your selected domain in Amazon.com.

If you come across a profitable graph of readers purchasing the books, then it is definitely going to help you in understanding the demand and the sales.

7. Look for your reader friends or family members who are willing to read your eBook.

You can give them your first draft to read so that they can provide you with their feedback and the areas of improvement.

It will definitely raise your confidence level and also help in making your book better.

How to monetize:

The first step that you need to take is to sign up for the Amazon  Kindle Publishing Program (KDP).

If you have an account with Amazon already, then you can log in using your existing details. With KDP, publishing eBooks requires less than 5 minutes and you can find your e-book on Kindle stores all over the globe in 1-2 days.

You can also earn royalty up to 70 percent by selling your eBook to customers all over the world in countries like India, the US, UK, Germany, France, and more.

You can also make changes in your book as per your wish and set up your own price tag on your eBook.

What are you thinking about? Without waiting for another moment to pass, hurry up, and fulfill your dream of publishing your e-book and claim the title of being an author.

You can also join the amazon affiliate program to sell your amazon KDP ebook and make money online by promoting your publish ebook.

Here is the Video Tutorial How to set up and upload a manuscript on KDP Amazon for Kindle for authors.

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